Friday, May 28, 2010

The Method to this Madness and an Invitation to the Conversation

Free-form Friday

Because people are beginning to notice this blog, I thought I should take a moment to explain the method to my madness and make it clear that everyone is welcome to join the conversation.

I spent quite a while trying to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of having a lot I wanted to say while knowing that it takes time to attract readers: do I post my good stuff now or later? If now, people might not see it; if later--well, like the old joke about the groom waiting in his wheel chair while the bride makes her way up the alter aided by her walker because they waited to marry until they could afford it--later might never come and so, once again, no one would see it.

Then I realized that the early days of a blog are a great time to build up a core of reference material, like the posts that answer "frequent" questions about writing or the tutorial on making that I run on Mondays. This approach solves the chicken-and-egg problem for me because I can believe that the posts I'm writing now will be useful in the future as reference links.

An unfortunate side-effect of this approach is that my tone may sound more like a lecturer than a discussion leader. Tone notwithstanding, I hope this will become more of a conversation. There's no need to hold your questions until the end of the presentation. Please feel free to comment as we go along.

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