Monday, October 11, 2010

The Laws of Making

Making Monday

I've talked about the Laws of Making for some time without ever actually spelling them out. It's time not only to list the laws, but to begin a series of posts exploring each law in turn.

There are nine laws organized into three sets of three. Together, they define the spiritual foundation for making that transcends techniques, talent, and areas of endeavor. The laws articulate different dimensions of the single great truth that true making is selfless.

The three Laws of Understanding
Love - Love is the foundation of true making
Beauty - Beauty is the object of true making
Truth - Truth is the substance of true making
The three Laws of Living
Hope - True making is an expression of hope
Faith - True making is an act of faith
Charity - True making is an embodiment of charity
The three Laws of Transcendence
Vision - The true maker sees beyond the actual to the potential
Devotion - The true maker's devotion never wavers
Completion - The highest power is to finish. The greatest wisdom is to know when to finish.

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