Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Ever Happened To…

Planetary alignments are portentous events. Project alignments just mean everything takes longer.

This lonely corner of the net has been silent not because of inactivity but its opposite.

Writing, while one of many modes of making, is still one of my primary passions. But the scope of my efforts over the past year has expanded to something we might call production.

I’ve added a seventh volume, Artisan Publishing: Why to Choose the Road Less Traveled, to the Dunlith Hill Writers Guides. But because each of the previous volumes had been modified to include a reference to the new volume it was also an opportunity to revise and refresh those volumes — essentially republishing the entire series.

But, as the advertisements say, that’s not all. There was enough material with the new volume to warrant combining the guides into two collections devoted to the life and craft of the writer. The collections are now available as trade paperbacks as well as e-books (and a better deal than purchasing the guides individually).

That work, however, was interrupted while I put on my audio book producer hat to narrate, edit, and master a seventeen-and-a-half-hour long gonzo steam punk adventure novel for my friend Dave Butler.

All of this work is finally finished and available. But for a long time it wasn’t. With all the inter-dependencies among the writing guides there was a great deal of work without many visible signs of progress and so there was nothing useful to share about the project until it was finished.

Now it’s time to introduce the work and share some observations. I’ll provide more details about these projects in subsequent posts over the next few weeks.

Deren Hansen is the author of the Dunlith Hill Writers Guides.

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