Friday, January 7, 2011

Freeform Friday in 2011

Free-form Friday

Finally, we come to Friday. As the day qualifier implies, this is the day for anything that doesn't clearly fit under the topics covered on other days.

It might be something completely random, like RSMSLWALF (my ill-fated attempt to start a new political party while still in high school), a link to Hyperbole and a Half's alot, or a truly spectacular hack back at the old alma mater (the upside-down lounge is also very good).

Other times, you might find observations about the industry like why some of the counter-intuitive aspects of publishing make a sort of sense if you understand it as a risk-aggregation mechanism, or an explanation of why agents are not leprechauns.

I don't plan to change anything about Free-form Friday (because as a catch-all, I already have free rein). That said, the invitation I've made all week still stands: please tell me if there are any topics you'd like to cover that don't fit comfortably under any of the other themes.

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