Friday, April 23, 2010


Free-form Friday

Politics has always been a dangerous game, but of late the sport as played in the US seems to have become increasingly divisive.

That said, I have some good news for young people who feel trapped in a teenage wasteland: some of the stuff you come up with may have lasting value.

Case in point: in high school, Anthony Ferro and I decided that our school government needed an infusion of nerd energy so we ran for student body president and VP. Since we thought more broadly than many of our class mates, the first order of business was to form an appropriate political party: RSMSLWALF (pronounced "rams-walf").

RSMSLWALF stands for the Right Side of the Middle of the Stream Left Wing Apathetics Liberation Front.

Given the pundit-fueled shouting matches parading by on the evening news that pass for political discourse, and how little I care for people who are more concerned with disagreeing than solving problems, perhaps it's time to liberate like-mined apathetics; perhaps it's time for RSMSLWALF!

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