Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Monday

Mondays will be for discussions of the philosophy and ethics of making.

"Philosophy and ethics?" you say. "Get the rope!"*

The first bit of good new, to help you calm down, is that since the posts will all be relatively short, we'll never get into anything too technical.

The point here is to establish a common set of ideas and reference points, in small weekly doses, that will inform the other discussions.

If philosophy and ethics sound too intimidating, how about the "the values and ideas of the makers?"

What do you think? Does this theme sound interesting or off-putting?

* This is a reference to the old Pace salsa adds in which one of the cowboys hears that the cook is using a salsa made in New York City. "New York City?" says another, "Get the rope" (to hang the cook).

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