Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trial, aka Playing

One of the challenges when making a new blog is to take the generally available material and make it more your own.

In order to have some sense of how the text will appear, I need some text. Hence this first post.

It is not the shape of things to come; it sets no precedents. It is, instead something with which to play. But it is not a throw-away. We'll touch on the topic of play may times. For now, it is sufficient to say that growed-ups are distinguished from the livelier, younger lot, in part because of the degree to which they have forgotten how to play.

So for those of you, who like me, enjoy uncovering the very beginnings of an endeavor, you've found the first footprint on the beach. Here's where the play began.

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  1. And what better way to join the play than to add the first comment myself?


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