Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tech Tuesday and/or Teen Tuesday

Tuesday are for technology and techniques.

Tuesday are also for teens.

Those themes may seem unrelated. Let me explain.

There's an undeniable DIY* undercurrent among makers: at craft fairs I tend to spend more time thinking about how I might make something similar than considering a purchase. In order to DIY, you need to master appropriate techniques. Technology is a set of related techniques.

What about teens?

Young adulthood is the time when you learn DIY life skills. Put another way, it's the time when you begin to learn to make your own way. So there are a number of topics like living by design instead of accident, organizing and making sense of the world, and navigating the great between that are about both techniques and teens.

What do you think? Does the theme make sense or do you find it confusing?

* DIY = Do It Yourself
Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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