Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear-Editor.com's Giveaway - a Free YA/MG Edit

I wanted* to let you know that Dear-Editor.com is giving away a free substantive edit for a completed MG/YA manuscript of not more than 85,000 words. The deadline is MIDNIGHT, APRIL 14, 2010, PST. (Here's the perma-link to the contest page.)

What is a substantive edit?

In a “Substantive Edit,” the author receives general feedback about the manuscript’s overall pacing, organization, narrative voice, plot development/narrative arc, characterization, point of view, setting, delivery of background information, adult sensibility (children’s books only), and the synchronicity of age-appropriate subject matter with target audience, as the Editor determines appropriate and necessary after reviewing the entire manuscript. It is not a word-by-word, line-by-line “Line Edit.” - Deborah Halverson, the Dear Editor editor

So, if you have a qualifying manuscript, run, don't walk, to enter.

*In truth, I would like to get the substantive edit for my manuscript and spreading the word like earns me another entry. As a matter of fact, I'd prefer none of you enter so as to improve my chances. So much for my veneer of nobility.


  1. Sorry Deren, I think I will enter though I'm no threat--though I guess it's a random drawing?? I went to the website and the details were very sketchy. Am i missing something?

  2. In case you didn't hear, none of use won the substantive edit.


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