Friday, April 9, 2010

A Flotilla of Flummoxing Flamingos

Free-form Friday

I should probably begin by explaining the flotilla of flummoxing flamingos.

Here's the offending line:
The next morning, Penderwick's front walk was blocked, again, by a flotilla of flummoxing flamingos. 

It all came about because my friend, Pat Martinez, invited us to play with the present participle in adjective form. 
"We can take a plain old verb and change it to a present participle by simply adding ing. We can then use it to modify a noun. Notice the fun language and description that comes to life."

It was a fun little exercise, but fun can lead to trouble: now I need to know who Penderwick is and why he seems to be afflicted with flamingos.

Image: Darren Robertson /


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